im bob flambe and

im a particle

a sunday magazine article

im schrodingers cat

im a shit job and a shit flat

im a long lost relative that lives quite near

im the person at the party who nicks your gear

im all your accumulated fear


im the clown that arrives to late

im a dog, your a postman, its my fuckin gate

im the back of your eye

im dead me but i never die

im an anomaly

im a hot buttered scone and a cold cup of tea

im into mysterious shit

im a click track on a hip hop hit


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Bob Flambe is a wordsmith / poet based in Dundee. He performs his spoken word as a solo perfomer as well as collaborating with other artists/ musicians.


SOAKIN Records has been recording Bob over the past few years. As well as capturing an array of his spoken word work we have also been collaborating, setting some of his words to music.


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