Derek Blades has been playing clubs and pubs for the last sixty years. He has released two albums.  ’Cockney Come Down’ released in 1968 was an attempt to marry psychedelic rock with cockney sing a long. Unsurprisingly it failed to chart.


His second release some forty years later ‘Sheltered Home Blues’ was an album of covers, featuring a selection of some of Derek’s favourite tracks of the last forty years. It has now been deleted and all remaining copies burnt.


Derek records all his current music on a Tascam four track he purchased from a car boot sale in 1994 and along with other novelty acts Novice Handicap (who he frequently collaborates with) and Beagles and Ramsay, he is managed by Rope A Dope Productions. He cites as his influences Max Millar, Max Wall, Jona Lewie and Ian Dury. He has signed photos of Gracie Fields and Shirley Bassey in his front room ‘studio’ for inspiration.